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Medicare Part C throughout the United States.

What you need to know about Medicare Part C insurance benefits.

What is Medicare Part C?

A Medicare Advantage plan, also known as Medicare Part C, is the third option for an individual to choose when they become eligible for Medicare.

Listed below are some of the features and benefits of Medicare Advantage plans:

  • Run by Medicare-approved private insurance companies
  • A Medicare Advantage Plan is NOT a Medicare Supplement Plan
  • Plan designs include, HMO, PPO, PFFS, SNP’s, HMO, POS and MSA plans
  • Includes all benefits and services covered under Part A and Part B
  • Usually includes Part D (prescription drug coverage) as part of the plan
  • May include extra benefits and services, such as hearing aids, vision and dental coverage, at little or NO extra cost

Due to the limitations of most Medicare Advantage plans, we do not typically recommend them to our clients. Listed below are a few features of these policies in which we find our clients have challenges with:

  • Plans may require you to choose a Primary Care Physician within a specific geographic area
  • Pre-certifications and referrals may be required to see specialists
  • Providers can choose to opt out of the plan at any time if they are not happy with the terms and conditions of the plan
  • Plans can be canceled at any time (non-renewable contracts)
  • Funding cuts from Medicare may likely reduce plan benefits while increasing plan costs in the future
  • Policyholders are locked into contract for 12 months if outside of open enrollment (certain exceptions apply)
  • High co-pays and deductibles (hospital deductibles average $275.00-$325.00 /day)
  • Lack of freedom-of-choice and decisions to be made by policyholder

Although Medicare Advantage plans are beneficial for some people, most of our clients prefer the freedom of choice and peace-of-mind associated with purchasing a Medicare Supplement plan.

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